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Africa Claus - A New Version of the Santa Claus Story

Jeremy Levitt

Dr. Jeremy Levitt is a human rights advocate and Florida A&M University international law professor who focuses on issues of women’s rights and transitional justice. A noted author, Dr. Jeremy Levitt edited Black Women and International Law: Deliberate Interactions, Movements and Actions (Cambridge University Press, 2015). He also wrote the children’s book Africa Claus, which features a fictional character who is a saint and the “oldest and dearest friend” of Santa Claus.
Ordained as a Christian priest, Africa Claus is born in Ethiopia to a multiethnic family and raises his seven children with Mrs. Africa Claus along the Blue Nile River. He carries with him an enchanted staff and travels by magical chariot, using the power of teleportation. Able to create gifts for children from dust, Africa Claus creates connections between people of diverse cultures and beliefs, ranging from Christians, Jews, and Muslims to those of the African Diaspora. Available on, Africa Claus is a book that restores children’s belief in Christmas and throws light on how Santa Claus is able to deliver presents to homes in tropical countries, which don’t have chimneys.
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