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Women's shelters and the Violence Against Women Act

Jeremy Levitt

Jeremy Levitt, a women's rights scholar and activist, is involved with several charitable efforts including women’s shelters. A Ph.D and former distinguished professor of international law, Dr. Jeremy Levitt’s accomplishments in the area of women's rights include the drafting of legislation to create a sex crimes court in Liberia. In recent years, legislation has been advanced in the United States to help protect women's rights, especially victims of domestic abuse.

Originally enacted in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed under the leadership of then senator Joe Biden. One goal of the VAWA is to create comprehensive responses to domestic violence. Reauthorized in 2013 by the United States house and senate and administered by the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services, the VAWA Includes programs to support victims of domestic violence issues related to housing. Protections of VAWA housing programs include prevention of discrimination and eviction of domestic violence victims in public housing. The 2013 reauthorization included the same protections in all federally subsidized housing programs. Additionally, emergency housing transfer options were created. 

For additional information on the VAWA, visit


For additional information on the VAWA, visit

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